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Enrollment in Focus: Sustainable Growth through BusinessCAS

While many business schools lost revenue last year, Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business not only stabilized its enrollment but accelerated its growth. How? Through strategically pairing admissions technology and the power of the GME Community.

Toby McChesney, Ed.D., Senior Assistant Dean of Graduate Business Programs, shared the benefits he’s seen from taking a community approach to GME admissions. You’ll learn how you can apply the same approach on your campus, and:

  • Reach a new and more diverse applicant pool at home and abroad
  • Increase unplanned revenue
  • Raise program awareness globally
  • Benefit from original research and unique partnerships exclusive to the Community
Toby McChesney, Ed.D.

Toby McChesney, Ed.D.

Senior Assistant Dean of Graduate Business Programs,
Leavey School of Business

Rick del Rosario

Rick del Rosario

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management Solutions

Moderated by:
Stephen Taylor

Stephen Taylor

Research Director