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Join the CAS Community

Ask any of the 31,000 programs that are members of Liaison’s Centralized Application Service (CAS™) Community and they’ll tell you: The challenges of 2020 have proven that you can rely on us to expand your pipeline, save you time and money, offer access to a community of peers and simplify admissions data management.

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Access valuable resources with CAS

“One of the things that really attracted me to CAS was the ability to build communities within and across disciplines at the graduate level. The more we work together, the stronger we’re going to be as a community of educators and institutions. In the long run, that will only help the students we serve in their education and career preparation.”

David Poole

Director of Admission at the University of Miami College of Engineering

Expand your pipeline
with CAS

“Students we had not tapped into were logging on, seeing our programs and clicking on us. With CAS, we connected with new students. As of this fall, we have documented an increase of 7.5% in full-time enrollments as compared to two years ago.”

Dr. Robbie Melton

Transitional Dean, Tennessee State University

Save time and money
with CAS

“Before CAS, at least four of our seven admissions counselors spent the majority of their time on administrative tasks. When you consider their average salary of $50,000, CAS is helping us save $200,000 on application processing.”

James Walter

Director of Admissions, Glendale Campus

Simplify admissions data management with CAS

“CAS implementation was simple, easy and smooth. You probably have people on your campus who already use it.”

Denise Daniels, Ph.D.

Former Vice President of Enrollment Management
Palo Alto University


What is a CAS?

Liaison's Centralized Application Service (CAS) is an intuitive, flexible application with up-to-date, visual insights into application and enrollment trends that actively targets your best-fit students. Through discipline-specific microsites that efficiently and effectively broadcast your program, applicants can quickly find and apply to multiple best-fit graduate schools through a single platform.

With application processing and support services CAS streamlines admissions, encourages application completion and provides institution–student connection throughout the entire process.

Join CAS Community

What happens next?

Over the next few weeks, we will send you industry-leading content that demonstrates how the CAS Community will give you access to:

  • Knowledge. The CAS for graduate programs features visual application and enrollment trend reports to facilitate strategic admissions decisions.
  • Connections. The CAS expands members’ applicant pools with branded program listings, multi-channel ads, and targeted drive-to- apply campaigns.
  • Inspiration. CAS Community members learn what works — and what doesn’t — from peers that are facing the same obstacles and working toward similar goals.
  • Resources. The CAS Community regularly publishes magazines, ebooks and white papers and hosts focus groups, webinars, and in-person events to facilitate the sharing of industry insights.
  • Support. The CAS technology is complemented by application processing services and applicant support that saves member institutions time on manual administrative tasks.