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Comparative Assessment: Why BusinessCAS™ Stands Out Among the Competition


BusinessCAS™ outperforms other application services by providing more tools to help GME programs meet their enrollment goals.

BusinessCAS — the first and only Centralized Application Service (CAS™) for graduate management education programs — recently conducted a comprehensive analysis of our products and services to determine how they compare with the admissions tools offered by several other companies eager to serve the GME community.

After assessing 28 types of benefits institutions can receive from an admissions partner — including key application features, software, industry leadership and support — we were able to confirm that only BusinessCAS provides them all. Beyond that, we can also integrate with your current on-campus systems. You keep what works, and we’ll fix what doesn’t.

Just as noteworthy is the fact that BusinessCAS is the only provider of several important features, including:

  • Applications that are configurable by institution/program type
  • Cohort comparison and reporting
  • Transcript processing and authentication
  • International credential processing
  • Outbound communication
  • Industry-wide marketing campaigns
  • Research and data reports
  • Live support for applicants and institutions

BusinessCAS also stands alone in another important category: Institutions pay no annual subscription fee to participate.

Everyone else holds a few pieces of the puzzle, but BusinessCAS is the only admissions platform that gives you everything you need all in one place. To learn more about how BusinessCAS can help your program reach your enrollment goals, reach out to managing director, Robert Ruiz.