Case Study: Samford University

College of Health Sciences Adopts Centralized Application Services to Help Grow and Diversify Its Applicant Pool 

Samford's Success with PHARMCAS


Samford University's Challenges

In 2013, Samford University, a small, private, faith-based institution in Birmingham, Alabama, decided to combine its health-related programs and create the College of Health Sciences to meet the growing demand for skilled and compassionate caregivers.

And the demand is great. With more than 30 health-related degrees—and more being added every year—Samford expects to add 5,000 students in the health sciences by 2020. To manage that demand—and keep quality metrics high—Dr. Nena Sanders, vice provost of the College of Health Sciences, charged her assistant dean of enrollment management and student services, Dr. Marian Carter, with implementing Liaison’s Centralized Application Services (CAS) across the College’s schools and programs to help admissions committees identify, evaluate, and enroll right-fit students more efficiently.


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