Case Study: At Rush University, Centralized Application Services Simplify Complex Admissions

Rush University enrolled more than 2,000 students in its latest admissions cycle - a figure that has almost doubled since 2009. 


Rush University's Recruiting Challenges

Rush University is a health sciences institution offering more than 30 degree or certifcate options in medicine, nursing, allied health, and biomedical research. With a mission to deliver outstanding health education focused on patient care, research, and community service, the University enrolled more than 2,000 students in the latest admissions cycle—a fgure that has almost doubled since 2009.

Liaison’s Centralized Admissions Service (CAS), a recruiting and admissions management solution, supports a majority of the University’s programs. The College of Health Sciences and the College of Nursing have implemented seven unique CASs to streamline admissions and standardize data gathering and reporting.

How CAS Helped

Consistent Metrics for Strategic Reporting

Ease of Use for Administrators, Faculty and Students

Expanded Visibility For More Competitive Recruiting