Yield Students with Private Social Networks

In 2009, Spectrum pioneered Private Social Networks (PSNs), an innovative admissions outreach tool, for accepted students into client enrollment systems. Since then, we’ve been tracking results on how it elevates late-stage yield, promotes mutual student-to-student recruitment, and provides a wealth of cultural/demographic information about a school’s student body. In 2014, our partner schools averaged a 75% yield using PSNs.

For Accepted Students only!

In Private Social Networks (PSN), membership qualification is based on admissions stage: only students who have been accepted or are enrolled (have submitted a deposit) for an upcoming term can maintain an account on a school’s PSN. The PSN is used to promote conversation between prospective students, with the aim that an increased familiarity with potential classmates will encourage as-of-yet uncommitted students to commit to enrollment. Secondary to that, PSNs can be used to advertise events, coordinate roommate coupling, and give prospective students access to current students, defraying the amount of student-oriented questions being asked of admissions staff.

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Elevate your late-stage yield

In 2014, we found that our partner schools achieved an average yield of 75%. As shown in the graph below, an average of 76.3% of enrolled students were PSN users. Even if PSN users were a minority of accepted students, they were the majority of users enrolled for the year. Very few PSN users withdrew. The majority of enrolled students who logged into the PSN did so for the first time prior to their decision to enroll, indicating that interaction with the PSN could have influenced that decision.

Let students connect with each other

Members are sorted by major, making it easy for students to form connections and start interacting; a feature that students are quick to praise. Students are also eager to find roommates on the PSN and see who is going to events on campus.  They discuss similar interests to make even more personal connections and ask “insider” questions to student ambassadors who post on the PSN as well. Students who find roommates and make friends on a school’s PSN feel more comfortable committing to that school.

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Identify your student demographic

Spectrum pulled the topics and key words, across all clients, that students discuss most often to gain a clear understanding of what students enjoy, to gain a clear sense of student body characteristics, and to help refine targeted marketing. In addition to booking musical acts and hosting special sports events for prospective to accepted students, the admissions teams can use this information for the next recruitment season to advertise personal, relevant student activities in their viewbooks and application outreach. The applications of the information you can gain from what your students say about themselves are only limited to your creativity.


Learn more at our upcoming free webinar

To learn more about how a PSN can increase your student enrollment, join Suzanne Sharp, Spectrum Senior VP, Higher Education Solutions, and Steve Hennessey, Assistant Director of Admissions at Franklin Pierce University, for a free webinar on Thursday, October 16 at 2pm EST. Sign up at SpectrumWebinars.com.