Think Like a Marketer: Step #5 Track Everything

Here’s our last tip from our most recent eBook, Think Like a Marketer: Five Steps to Better Admissions Results. Last week, we looked at the importance of follow through. This week—it’s all about measuring what you’ve done to figure out where you’re going.

Determine your metrics.

Determining what metrics to capture and track can be a daunting task. Are yield rates going up or down? Who enrolled this year? What was their academic profile? What communications did they receive? What conversations did they have with your admissions representatives? How many conversations did they have? Who’s reading your viewbook? How are they responding to your content? How did prospect interact with your website? What information did they download? How successful were the campaigns you launched to convert inquiries into applications?

Decide what counts.

Aaron Mahl, writing for University Business, suggests beginning by analyzing inquiry data to track how different source codes convert at different points in the admissions funnel and then using CRM tools to capture what messages were most effective. Better marketing automation tools will help you look at those messages by campaign, so that you can track the full range of tactics used with different student cohorts and measure your success against enrollment rates.

Be granular.

The systems you use will determine in large part how refined your tracking will be. Look for tools that help you track efforts across all channels. Don’t make the mistake of measuring channel performance in isolation—look at whether combining print with personal landing pages provides an uptick or whether text messaging combined with email is more successful than email alone.

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